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Strategic audit.

We know from experience that many companies carry out activities in the field of sustainable development, although they do not classify them in this way or do not communicate it in a way that builds value. An audit using a proprietary methodology allows you to quickly identify these areas, as well as indicate potential risks and elements requiring further work.

Comparative analysis.

Are you wondering how your company’s activities in the area of ​​sustainable development compare to local and global competition? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information, number of reports, standards? Benchmarking is an individualized tool that allows you to evaluate, compare and identify best practices in a given industry. Quantitative and qualitative data create a solid foundation to accelerate green business transformation.

Sustainable development strategy.

We are partners in defining and implementing a sustainable development strategy that will allow us to adapt the business model to the requirements of the economy of the future. Responsible approach to significant environmental, social and management issues allows you to maximize profits and a positive impact on the environment. Our solutions are not only quick results, but most of all long-term activities that build the company’s value and allow better risk management. We believe that a good strategy is focused on key areas. It is also measurable thanks to the use of indicators important for investors and ESG analysts around the world.

CSR strategy.

The company’s responsibility is taking into account social interests, environmental protection issues and the expectations of stakeholders in its current operations. We help assess the effectiveness of ongoing projects and develop an action strategy for the coming years, which will bring benefits to the image and affect the brand’s value.

SDGs implementation.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the ambitious 2030 Agenda adopted by the United Nations. It includes 17 goals of sustainable development and 169 related tasks, which are to contribute to economic growth, social development and improvement of the natural environment. We help companies, foundations and other organizations assess how they are contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals and link their activities and future programs to the SDGs.

Investor involvement.

We help investors to actively engage in environmental, social and management issues of companies. We support companies in managing reputational risk and help solve key problems to positively influence their ESG assessment.

Ethics / Compliance.

We help in the development of codes of ethics, diversity policy and supplier verification processes, as well as in their implementation through workshops, proper communication, also with the use of e-learning tools.


We inspire, help face challenges, share experiences. We encourage you to look at the issues often faced by managers and managers for CSR or sustainable development from a distance and from different perspectives. Maintaining full confidentiality, we help expand knowledge, develop skills and manage the process of changes in the organization.

Shift management.

Developing a sustainable business strategy and then implementing it, for many companies – regardless of their size – often means a fundamental remodeling of processes and organizational culture. We help our clients design and carry out the change process by implementing new solutions and tools, offering support in internal communication and gaining the favor of key stakeholders.

Brand management.

We support companies and product managers in managing a responsible brand. We use the design-thinking method to help design a product that will meet the needs of customers while maximizing the positive and minimizing the negative impact on the environment. We analyze insights, packaging and the product life cycle [or the value chain too?]. We help in defining the brand’s social goal, its key values, marketing and communication strategy, including visual identification. Our clients also have support in us at the stage of preparation and implementation of a coherent campaign in line with the spirit and character of the brand.